Mobile printing computing case

We have the solution to work efficiently.

You are on the road every day to carry out installation work or inspections. The work is performed at different locations, sometimes difficult to reach or in a less clean environment and without a good workplace. This requires a specific solution.

The robust cases from Hulshof are very suitable for working in an environment that has different requirements every time. We map your requirements and wishes and make cases that are tailored to your specific situation, so that you can work efficiently and your equipment is well protected. If you are curious about our options, please contact us.

Mobile printing technical case

Some users

An efficient solution can be found for every issue. Some examples for which our technical cases are extremely suitable.

Installation and maintenance

- Household appliances

- Heating boilers

- Industrial installations

- Office equipment

Inspections and inspections

- Car damage and inspections

- Veterinary inspections

- Certify


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